Nicole Mangina

"Sellers get this business model instantly and they LOVE it!"

This business model makes managing listings so much easier.  All of the work is scheduled on my timeframe (and the Sellers).  There isn't any more dropping everything and rearranging my schedule to call in favors from contractors to get bids during the inspection timeframe (which always creates a lot of stress for the seller and the agents).   My clients love knowing exactly what is going on with their house ahead of time and have peace of mind that by getting their home ‘market ready’, they will be confident about the condition of the home when it is placed on the market and will be able to negotiate from a stronger position with the future buyer. I would highly recommend Mary Lee’s Inspection Contingency removal business model, as it saves the sellers lots of time and money and helps them get the best buyer AND the best price out of the market.

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