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Hello!  My name is Mary Lee and I have been a licensed real estate agent for over 31 years.  During that time, I have taken many classes, but frankly, found them more informational than transformational.  The current market is highly competitive, with agents competing on pricing the home (‘buying the listing’ at whatever price the seller wants) or reducing their commission (some agents are even offering to list homes for free, just to get the exposure and pick up buyer business).

How many listings do you need to get to reach your annual income goals?  How much does it cost you to lose a listing?  In my market, it is an average of $30,000 or more.  So you either have a $30,000 win or a $30,000 loss. Most agents don’t need to work harder, they just need to work smarter (and convert more of their listing opportunities).  How much income did you lose last year by not getting every listing you wanted?  It can add up to over 6 figures pretty fast!  It’s pretty sobering when you do the math.  I would encourage you to know your number – what it is really costing you on your missed listing opportunities?  What could you do with that extra income?  Buy a vacation home?  Pay off your mortgage?  Travel more?  Have your kid’s college tuition fully-funded?  Retire earlier?  Support the community causes and programs you care about?

Now more than ever, we have to differentiate ourselves from the masses (other agents).  NAR reports that most sellers know 12.2 agents.  How are you going to differentiate yourself?  With sellers typically interviewing several agents and thinking we all do the same thing (and agents often communicating the same marketing strategies to sellers), no wonder sellers are asking for discounts. They are tired of paying a full fee for what they now consider ‘average’ service.

We don’t have a commission problem in our industry, we have an ‘Articulating Your Value’ problem, and I can easily solve that for you!

There is a major shift going on in the real estate industry, and agents who bring a ton of value, have a proven and predictable process (and sales stats and testimonials to back it up) will take massive market share from the rest of the agents who are not innovating, implementing, and leveling up the service they deliver TO their clients AND the experience and results they create FOR their clients.

What I set out to create with my Advanced Listing Strategies workshop was a plug-and-play listing system that would help agents create the real estate business of their dreams, and quit competing on price, production or fees.

In this class you will receive:

  • Comprehensive 80+ page Workbook
  • Proven scripts and dialogues for winning the listing
  • Template for Creating Your Customized Points-of-Difference Seller Guide
  • Keys to Understanding Personality Styles and How to Present to Each Style
  • The Top 3 Strategies for Getting Sellers to List at the Right Price
  • Agent Interview Questionnaire (this is one of my top tools for winning the listing!)
  • Template for Creating Your Agent and Company Comparison Chart
  • Sample Luxury Marketing Pieces
  • How to Find Sellers Who Are Most Likely to Sell
  • How To Become the Agent of Choice in Your Market Area
  • The Best Way to Market to Sellers
  • Creating Testimonials that Cause Prospective Sellers to Call You

The cutting-edge strategies agents learn in class eliminate the competition, increase their referrals, and create a predictable and steady flow of business. Agents who have attended this game-changing workshop have experienced a substantial increase in their income and now have a proven system and process that helps them win the listing and deliver the results that create ‘Raving Fans’ and a steady stream of referrals from happy clients who value their services and will gladly pay their fee.

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Here’s what agents are saying about the Advanced Listing Strategies workshop:

Are You Ready to Become a Master Listing Agent?

Come and join me and learn the exact systems and strategies I have used to create a thriving real estate business!

This is not your typical training class.
This class is designed for agents who want to
take their business to the next level.

This is a high-level business transformation workshop that will show you a step-by-step system and process that will level up your listing business and dramatically increase your income. 

Transform your real estate business for only a $495 investment.

Early Bird Pricing of $395 ends July 5th!

TUITION GUARANTEE – I am so confident in the proven tools and strategies you will learn in this 2-day class, that if you do not get at least 1 new listing within 12 months after implementing what you learn in class, you will receive a FULL REFUND of your tuition.

YES! Register me for the 2-day class!
Tuesday, July 16th and Wednesday, July 17th
from 9:00am to 5:00pm both days

Course Location:
Master Builder’s Association, Bellevue, WA (335 116th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004)

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